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8 Tricks That Will Make Your Hair Look Fuller

8 Tricks That Will Make Your Hair Look Fuller

Not everyone is blessed with thick, full hair and you might be fed up with volumizing products or tricks that don’t always work. They’re only so much you can do since the texture of your hair is controlled by your genes, but there are simply tricks you can do to fake fuller hair.

1. Ask your hairstylist to layer strategically. If you keep the ends of your hair blunt, it will appear that you have thicker hair. Also ask for heaviness at the bottom and lighter layers on top. Avoid too much layering though because it could make your hair look even thinner.

2. Choose a good volumizing shampoo and conditioner that will help thicken your hair without weighing it down. Ask your hairstylist for a recommendation. Also use dry shampoo more frequently as it helps pump up the volume in your hair.

3. Use rollers. They add volume, curl and body to your hair extremely easily.

4. Use a thickening lotion in your hair. They contain thickening polymers that bind into your hair and help them expand temporarily. Ask your hairstylist to try one on your hair when you get a haircut to see how it works.

5. Dry your hair correctly. When blow-drying, dry the hair in the opposite direction of the hair’s growth to help increase volume. If you aren’t sure how to do this, Youtube videos can have good tutorials or your hairstylist can show you.

6. Skip the heavy serums and conditioners when styling your hair. After blow-drying, you might reach for heavy leave-in conditioners, serums and other styling products that simply just weigh your hair down, making it appear thinner instead of thicker. Try a volumizing and texturizing powder or dry shampoo instead. These work wonders without weighing the hair down.

7. Tease your hair. Tease hair at the root and spray the area with hairspray then smooth it over with a brush. This old school trick works to volumize your hair every time.

8. All else fails, get some hair extensions from your hairstylist or clip-ins to fake fuller hair quickly and easily. If you apply it correctly, no one will know your thick, lustrous hair isn’t all yours.

Do you have thin hair and wish for thicker and more volumized hair? What are your secrets for faking fuller hair? Have any of these tricks worked for you? Share with us your stories!

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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