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How to Find the Right Foundation Color for You


Foundation is great to use to cover up anything you want to hide on your face for a flawless complexion. You can use it to hide acne, redness and even scars. However, most women end up applying the wrong shade and look silly. Your foundation shouldn’t be noticeable to the naked eye if applied correctly and with the right color for your skin tone. It should even your skin tone and look natural. Here are some tips on finding the right color for you and applying it correctly.

1. If you’re not sure, go darker. You might tend to apply a color that is too light, but it is better to be slightly darker. Lighter can look artificial and can end up looking like clown makeup. But don’t go too dark as that looks unnatural too. If you are unsure about two similar looking shades, go for the darker one or ask a beauty professional to try both shades on you and help you make a decision.

2. If you can’t have someone test the color on you, see if you can test it on your jawbone. Never test on your hand because it is not the same tone as your face and you won’t get an accurate test. Test a little along your jawbone to see how it will really look.

3. Your neck and face can be two different tones, thanks to the sun. Choose a warm shade to cover both the neck and face area so you can even out the skin tones.

4. Use your foundation as more of a spot corrector instead of all over your face. Use it as-needed with the correct color to cover up spots and make yourself gorgeous!

When looking for a new foundation, head to your local beauty supply store such as Ulta where you can ask for help. Chances are they have beauty professionals who can help you pick the right color and type of foundation for your skin type and let you try it before you buy it. Most beauty supply stores or drugstores also offer refunds for open makeup so you aren’t stuck with something that didn’t work for you. Ask the store policy before you buy something you aren’t sure will work for you, especially if you can’t try or open it in the store.

What are your tips on choosing a foundation color?

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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