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Keep Hair Color From Fading


Everyone feels like a movie star after they emerge from the salon with freshly colored hair. Yet, a few weeks later, you might already notice the color fading, slowly but surely. How do you stop the madness? Here are some tips to keep your color looking fabulous for a little longer so you can save money in between salon appointments.
1. Use a color protecting shampoo based on your new hair color. Ask your hairstylist for a recommendation based on the type of color you just got. They may even recommend a toning shampoo, especially if you’re a blonde. Stay away from clarifying shampoos because they will strip your color pretty quickly. Your stylist may also recommend how many times a week they suggest you wash your hair to keep your color brighter for longer. Chances are they will only recommend you wash your hair a few times a week unless your hair gets very oily and greasy.
2. Keep your hair hydrated. Use a hydrating or deep conditioning mask weekly to keep your hair healthy and keep moisture locked in. The more moisture is in your hair, the longer the color will stay attached on to your strands. Drink as much water as you can too to keep your body and in turn, your hair hydrated too.
3. Protect your hair from the sun, even in winter months. Use a color protecting spray or wear a hat if you’ll be outdoors for a long period of time. The sun’s rays can bleach your hair or make your color fade quickly so be aware of this when you spend a lot of time outdoors.
4. Avoid hot showers. I know they feel wonderful, especially in cold weather, but hot water causes your hair color to fade as well, so stick to lukewarm temperatures when you take a shower. It also helps to rinse your hair in cool water before you exit the shower.
5. Consider a professional gloss to protect your hair from environmental damage that can cause fading. It will also give a nice shine to your hair and keep your color looking brilliant for a longer period of time.
Do you regularly color your hair? Have you ever tried any of these tips? What works best for you to keep your hair color from fading quickly? Share with us your tips and tricks!

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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