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New Ways to Wear Headbands


When I was a kid, I always had a tough time sitting still when my mom did my hair for special occasions. She always wanted to go with a French braid or bust out the curling iron, and I’d wind up driving her so crazy with my constant squirming and whining that more times than not, she’d end up throwing in the towel.So she’d just comb out my hair and throw in a fancy headband and call it a day.

She always thought that even if you leave you don’t do anything else with your hair, the right headband could instantly dress up your do. I definitely think Mom was onto something.That’s why I have quite the extensive wardrobe of headbands – from satin-covered and rhinestone-embellished options to simple tortoiseshell styles, I’ve got one for pretty much every occasion. But if you think wearing a headband means the same boring, hair down style, think again. Here are some new or unexpected ways to wear your favorite headband no matter what type of hair or look you’re going for.

Braid It Up
Instead of wearing a headband with your hair down, use one to dress up your favorite braid. A messy side braid is an especially pretty option with a headband, but you can opt for a traditional braid, a French style or even braided pigtails. For a funky bohemian feel, pair a loose side braid with a stretchy headband that you can wear across your forehead to play up the carefree look.

Pair It with an Updo
When you’re headed to a wedding, cocktail party or any other black tie event, don’t be afraid to wear a headband with a glamorous updo like a French twist or top knot. Just choose a headband that’s a little fancier to fit the occasion. A rhinestone-studded style is perfect for high glamor occasions – or go with a band embellished with pearls to add a little elegance to your up do. For a low key look, a simple metallic band in silver, gold or rose gold is a subtle but sophisticated option. To give your style a little oomph, use a teasing comb to tease the hair right behind the band before you pull it back into your updo – it’ll create a nice poof for major volume.

Bang It Out
A headband is usually used to hold hair back or push it out of your face, but if you’ve got bangs, you don’t need to play by those rules. Whether you’ve got a bold, blunt-cut fringe or soft, sidewept bangs, you can still rock a headband – just push it a little further back on your head and comb your bangs forward and into place.
If you’ve got blunt-cut bangs, go with a thin headband so your fringe is still the star of the show. Sideswept or long bangs tend to have a more romantic, flirty look, so try pairing them with a headband that features a silk flower or other girly embellishment at the side.

Asscessorize a Pixie
Headbands may seem like an accessory just for girls with long or medium-length hair, but the right headband can actually be the perfect finishing touch to a super short pixie cut. Because you don’t have much hair, though, opt for a thinner band that rests flat against the head. For the sultriest style, work a wax like Pantene’s Pro-V Stylers Texturizing Sculpting Wax into your hair to give it a messy, piece-y look. Then slide in the headband to top off the do. For serious volume, tease the hair right behind the band to give your pixie a little more personality.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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