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Pure Brilliance! My Five Day Beautiful Skin Cleanse

Winter Skin Care

Your skin is the biggest elimination organ in your body, and doing a juice cleanse from time to time can have a beautifying effect on it. I recently did a 5 day cleanse by Love Grace called The Beautiful Skin Cleans that really helps you glow from the inside out. Not only does the company send you 6 cold pressed organic juices a day for 5 days, but the cleanse also includes a weeks’worth of organic skin care by Tay Skincare.

I decided to do this cleanse during the Fall, since for me that’s the time my skin needs a little extra TLC. Prior to the cleanse I did a short elimination diet that consisted of mostly fruits and vegetable’s. I also added more water, and psyllium husk to my diet. It’s very important to prepare the body prior to any cleanse.

The Day Before: When I start a cleanse, I like to look at all the areas in my life that could use a bit of cleansing (or clearing). I used the day prior to my 5 day beauty cleanse to make a list of things in my life that I wanted to focus on getting into order. I also used this day to clean my house from top to bottom, purchase some flowers bath salts, and even a new plant I named ‘beauty’. The juices from Love Grace were also delivered to my house that day. The ingredients all looked yummy with blends of organic coconut waters, kale, cumbers, pineapples and more. Their Beauty Elixer really caught my attention. It was a synergistic blend of aloe, nettle, schizandra berry, and raspberry all known ingredients to support the kidneys, liver, and over all beauty. The complete list of juices and smoothies are as follows:

1-16oz Purify
1-4oz Beauty Elixir
1-16oz Super Cider / Longevity Tonic (alternate daily)
1-16oz Green Sunshine
1-16oz Green Protein Smoothie / Chocolate Superfood Smoothie / Probiotic Smoothie (alternate daily)
1-16oz Restore

Days 1-2 : I stayed home both days, just to see what my energy and hunger levels would be. I drank the juices every 2 hours with water and tea in between (nothing else). I did go on a long walk at the end of both days, and slept like a baby. I had no problems preparing meals for the rest of my family. The Tay Organic Skincare was also really making my skin feel good.

Days 3-4 : I’m and waking up feeling energized and ready to start the day. I moved my walks from evenings to mornings, and saw several clients each day (who really noticed my glowing skin with no makeup). I also and spent an hour disco dancing like I was at a club (sweating is a great way to charge your lymphatic system during a cleanse). I also got a massage, which helps to break down toxins under the skin.

Day 5: With this being the last day of my cleanse, I decided to walk to the beach (about 4 miles, and yes it was October) to celebrate. I made it felt great and my skin was glowing from the inside out, due to detoxing, major organs that support skin vitality and health.

Results: I feel great, and my skin looks good, and my liver loves me again! This beauty cleanse also cleared my taste buds, and I have cravings for an array of fruits and vegetables. It also made me take my own juicer off the shelf, and I’m now juicing and blending for my entire family several times a week. The Tay skincare was also amazing (my first time trying), and I really enjoyed their day moisturizer with mango butter. Please share your cleansing experience, and for more information on Love Grace and The Beauty Cleanse please visit: For more information on Tay Skincare please visit: www.tayskincare.comk2k1

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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