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What You Might Not Know About Dry Skin


When the weather starts getting chillier, some of us start getting the dreaded dry skin. Flakes, peeling, scales, itching… the works. If you’re prone to dry skin or only occasionally get it, there are still some things you might not know about dry skin. Here are some facts about dry skin that you’ll need to know to combat it this winter.

  1. You can obtain dry skin and hair just by taking hot showers. Do your skin a favor and keep the water lukewarm, even in the winter when a hot shower feels oh so good.
  2. Dry skin can be caused by lack of humidity, especially in dry climates. Air travel also can make your skin very dry so carry a heavy cream with you and use frequently. Invest in a humidifier if your home gets very dry in the winter months or you live in a dry climate.
  3. You might have a skin condition like eczema or psoriasis. If your skin is dry and itchy and seems to keep getting worse even while using heavy creams and hydrating well, see your dermatologist.
  4. If your skin is getting irritated, think if you’ve been using a new soap or detergent. This could be causing dry skin.
  5. If you’ve recently been in the sun or gotten sunburn, your dry skin could be from sun damage. As your tan fades, your may see dryness. You’ll need a heavy duty lotion and aloe to heal your skin and remember to use sunscreen next time!
  6. Use the right products and determine your skin type. You might think your skin is dry when in reality, you may have combination skin. If your face is oily with dry patches, look for products that help a combination skin type.
  7. After a lukewarm shower, pat yourself dry with a towel and apply lotion that will absorb quickly into the skin for the best lotion benefits.
  8. If you have serious dry skin and flakes, use a body oil to shave with than regular shaving cream or soap. It will help your skin combat the dryness, especially the extra dryness caused by shaving frequently.
  9. Use oils as well as lotions to combat really dry skin!
  10. Even if your skin is very dry, remember to exfoliate and use a heavy lotion afterwards. This will get rid of dead skin cells that make dryness even worse.

Do you have dry skin? All the time or just in winter months? Have you used any of these tips?

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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