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Bad Hair Habits You Might Not Be Aware Of


Last month, I got my hair cut and my color touched up by my favorite stylist – and as usual, I left the salon with nearly perfect hair. I seriously felt like a model from a shampoo commercial with my shiny, bouncy, vibrant locks.
Just a few days later, though, my hair started to look a little less than perfect despite the great cut and color. Now, I know I’m never going to get it to look as good as my stylist – she can do magic with a blow-out that’s nearly impossible to recreate at home – but my locks were way too drab, flat, and lifeless for my taste.

Which got me thinking about all the bad hair habits I’ve developed over the years that I don’t even think about anymore. Sure, we all mean to take the best care that we can of our tresses — but sometimes we get lazy or want instant gratification or just don’t know the right way to care for our hair. But bad hair habits cause more bad hair days than any of us want, so it’s in our best interest to break them as soon as possible.
Here are a few of the most common bad hair habits you might not even be aware are a problem — and some easy ways to get around them.

Washing It Every Day
Clean hair definitely seems like a good thing, but washing your locks too often can actually do more harm than good. That’s because shampoo can strip the scalp of beneficial oils, leaving your hair dry and brittle. If you have fine hair that tends to greasy fast, try to wash every other day. With thicker, coarser tresses, you may be able to go two to three days between washes.
For the in-between days, invest in a dry shampoo that can soak up excess oil at your scalp and add some texture and volume to your hair. The Suave Professional Dry Shampoo Spray is a good option – spray a little at your roots and work it through the rest of your hair to refresh it on the days you’re not washing.

Blasting It With Heat
When you’re in a rush in the morning, you want to get your hair styled as quickly as possible – so you turn your blow dryer up to high or raise your flat iron’s temperature to 400+ degrees to get your locks straight in a hurry. But using extreme heat to style your hair can cause serious damage so you wind up a fried, frizzy mess.
So blow dry on a low or warm setting – it’ll take a little longer but you’ll protect your tresses from unnecessary damage. When it comes to flat ironing or curling your hair, adjust the temperature according to your hair type. Fine, damaged or chemically-treated hair should never be styled at more than 300 degrees. If you have normal hair, you can use your iron at 300 to 380 degrees. For thick, coarse, or curly hair, start at 350 degrees. If your hair doesn’t straighten or curl, you can raise it up to 400 degrees.
And no matter how low the heat on your styling tool is, always use a heat protectant product to seal your hair and prevent damage. Try the Alterna Bamboo Smooth Kendi Dry Oil Mist to protect your locks and boost shine.

Being Rough With A Brush
Brushing is one of those hair care steps that you don’t usually think too much about – you do it when your locks needs detangling or smoothing, and that’s that. But if you don’t take care when you’re brushing, you can wind up doing damage to your hair. First of all, never brush it when it’s wet – our tresses are most fragile when they’re wet so a brush can easily snag and break hair. Instead, use a wide-tooth comb to detangle your locks fresh out of the shower.
Choosing the right brush for your hair is also key. If your hair has a fine or normal texture, a natural bristle brush is the best option because it’s softer and won’t snag delicate hair. But if you’ve got thick, coarse or curly hair, opt for a synthetic bristle brush, which won’t cause as much frizz and can make detangling your locks easier.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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