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How To Deal With Roots

Anyone who dyes their hair a lighter shade, sports serious highlights, or covers stubborn grays has probably knows this pain – a few weeks away from your next coloring session and you’re suddenly dealing with noticeable roots that are the only thing you see when you look in the mirror.

Now, coloring your hair is the only foolproof way to get rid of obvious roots, but that doesn’t mean you’re stuck wearing have a hat until your next salon appointment.

That’s because there are some easy ways to downplay your roots so they’re not the first thing that people notice about your hair. So if you need some help minimizing the look of your roots, here are a few tricks that’ll get you through that last week or so before you see your colorist again.

Change Your Part
It may seem like a small detail, but switching up your part can help make your roots less obvious. Color usually fades along your part first, and if you always part your locks in the same spot, the area naturally gets a little flatter so it’s more noticeable – especially if it’s a perfectly straight part.

So move your part – if you usually go down the middle, try a side part. If you’re a side part girl, go for a down the middle look. And opt for a messy, slightly uneven part, which can help create an ombre effect with the roots fading into the lighter or darker sections of your hair. A zig-zag part works especially well when you’re trying to downplay roots.

Boost the Volume
It may seem a little counterintuitive, but pumping up the volume at your roots can help downplay a difference in color near the scalp. You can head to the salon for a super sleek blowout or create a little volume at home. Start with damp locks and apply a volumizing product like Living Proof Full Root Lifting Spray and blow dry with your head flipped upside down. Then use a teasing comb to backcomb your roots for major lift. If you still want more volume, try using hot rollers or a curling iron at the roots. Smooth your hair into place with a brush and spritz it with a flexible hold hairspray such as Drybar Money Maker Flexible Hold Hairspray so the volume lasts all day.

Add Texture
If you have straight hair or use a flat iron to smooth your locks, your roots are probably more obvious than your curly-haired friend’s. Adding texture to your hair can actually help minimize the appearance of roots because it softens the line between dark and light in your tresses so it doesn’t look as harsh. Girls with straight hair can use a curling iron or hot rollers to create loose, romantic waves or glamorous curls to break up the light and dark in your tresses. If you’ve got natural curls or waves, spritz damp hair with a texturizing spray like Bumble and bumble Surf Spray and use a diffuser to dry it when you need to camouflage the harsh look of your roots.

Add Temporary Color
These days, there are plenty of products on the market designed to temporarily cover up roots. For the softest look, try a powder touch-up product such as the tarte Amazoniam Clay Volumizing Brow and Hair Powder – just use a small makeup brush to dot the powder on areas of obvious roots and help them blend with the rest of your hair.

For more saturated, longer lasting color, a root touch-up pen or marker like the Oscar Blandi Pronto Colore Root Touch Up & Highlight Pen is a better option. Run the pen along your roots to help them disappear. Or try a root concealing spray such as the Rita Hazan Root Concealer for Gray Coverage, which stays on your locks until you wash it out.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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