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Make Your Curls Hold Longer


No matter what your hair type is, sometimes when you style your hair, it just doesn’t last. For those girls with stick straight hair, keeping curls bouncing all night long can be a real challenge. It can be extremely frustrating to shell out the cash getting them done or spending time curling your hair, only to have it fall flat a few moments later. Here are some tips on making sure your curls hold all night long:

  1. Start with dirty hair. The natural oils in your hair will help your strands keep a curl, so don’t wash it for a few days. If your hair gets oily super fast, use dry shampoo on the roots to avoid looking greasy.
  2. Don’t use deep conditioner or hot oil treatments the day you’ll be curling your hair or even the night before. Deep conditioning treatments weigh your hair down and actually make it harder to style.
  3. Use the right products. If you’re only using hairspray after you curl your hair, that might be your issue. Start with a lightweight styling lotion before you curl your hair and use a heat-protecting serum or spray to protect your hair from the heat of the curling iron. Once you’re done curling, use a lightweight hairspray. Remember… crunchy curls are not sexy, so don’t go overboard.
  4. Next, use the right tools. If your hair is thin and doesn’t hold a curl well, try a ¾ inch barrel because the curls will be tight, but will loosen as the day goes on. If your hair holds a curl fairly well, try a 1-inch iron. Remember that a professional grade curling iron is your best bet if you have trouble keeping curls intact. Ask your hairstylist for a recommendation.
  5. Try the pinning technique. When you release your hair from the curling iron, pin the curl to your head with a bobby pin. When your whole head is pinned, mist with a light hairspray and then unpin the curls and comb through with your fingers for amazing curls that last.
  6. If you plan to curl your hair in the morning, braid your hair before bed. You’ll wake up with instant waves that will be a great canvas to start making curls with.

Do you have any tips or tricks to curling your hair and making the curls last? Share with us your favorite techniques, tools or products!

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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