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Tricks To Make Your Highlights Last

Getting highlights can definitely step up your look. Yet, they do require a level of commitment and most stylists recommend getting a touchup every 8 to 10 weeks. However, if your hair grows fast or you don’t have enough cash to head to the salon that often, it can be a tough style to maintain. Here are some tips on maintaining your highlights for a longer period of time.

1. Ask for balayage instead of foil highlights. If you get foils, you will have to get a touch up much more often because you will see the roots sooner. Balayage is a painting technique that looks more natural and grows out in a less noticeable way than foil highlights. If your stylist will only do foil highlights, ask them to soften the color at the roots so it won’t look as harsh as your hair grows.

2. Try ombre. If you want low maintenance highlights, ombre is great because it keeps the lightness at the bottom of your strands and will be less noticeable as it grows out. You won’t get the dreaded roots. Ask for a subtle ombre if you’re afraid of a harsh look. Also, stick to a color that is close to your natural color if you don’t want to try a new style that can look severe.

3. You can also ask for “babylights”. These look like the natural highlights you’d get as a kid from playing outside in the sun. They focus on brightening your hair in front and putting in subtle highlights that look completely natural as they grow out. Awesome right?

4. Don’t go drastic with your color and keep it only a shade or two lighter with your highlights. The lighter the color is by your roots, the sooner you will see the color grow out. Lighten and brighten your natural color for a style that is much easier to maintain. Ask your hairstylist what color would blend in and look best with your skin tone and natural hair color.

5. Wash your hair less and use color protecting shampoo and conditioner to protect your color. Use dry shampoo if your hair tends to get oily and you usually wash your hair every day. If you don’t wash your hair daily, your color will stay put that much longer.

6. Be extra kind to your hair. If you keep your hair healthy, the color will last that much longer. As you cut back on shampooing, also cut back on blow drying, curling and straightening as this damages hair much faster. Use a gloss in between shampooing and conditioning. It will help boost your hair’s health, add shine and keep your color looking bright and fresh. Use a deep conditioner a few times a week to hydrate and repair hair too.

7. If you’re way overdue for a touchup, be smart with your styling. Wear hats or scarves to cover up your roots, change up your part, wear a headband or even try a colored dry shampoo that will temporarily cover up your roots.

Do you regularly get your hair colored or get highlights? What do you do to keep your highlights and color looking fresh between touch up appointments? Share with us your secrets and what products you love!

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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