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Styling Tips for Fine Hair

Styling Tips for Fine Hair

If you have fine hair, you know the frustration of trying to style your hair. Curls never stay curly for long and your hair can turn limp, lifeless and greasy in an instant. Here are some tricks on getting the hair you want more easily:

1. Cleanse your scalp properly. Shampoo your hair only at the roots and the scalp. If you shampoo the rest of your hair thoroughly, it will only dry out your hair. Flip your hair over in the shower and scrub your scalp. 

2. You may not even need conditioner if your hair gets very oily, but if you like a little conditioning, use only a little and avoid the scalp. Too much conditioner at your roots can weigh your hair down. 

3. Use a volumizing mousse. Look for one with no synthetic fragrances but one that is hydrating with essential oils. This will hydrate and protect your hair and give you the volume you crave. Also experiment with light hairspray and teasing to give your hair a boost.

4. Use your products wisely. Use a volumizing mousse on damp hair a few inches away from the scalp, work through the ends and then use a volumizing spray all over. Allow your hair to air dry before you straighten or curl it because additional styling to wet hair can make it appear thinner. This being said, don’t use a lot of products at once as this will just weigh down your hair and make it appear even thinner.

5. If you do need to dry your hair to head out quickly, flip your hair upside down and dry it that way. It will maximize volume. 

6. Choose a signature style that works best for your specific hair type. Ask your hairstylist what style and products will work best with your hair type and play around with a few different types before you pick one you love.

7. Lastly, just love the hair you have! Thick haired girls often wish their hair was a little thinner and your hair looks great in ponytails and many styles. Try different styles and cuts and be thankful for the hair you’ve been given.

Do you have thin hair? Do you love it or hate it? What style or products do you use to love your hair? Share with us!

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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