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Hair Styles for Fine, Thin Hair


I inherited a lot of pretty great qualities from my father, like his blue eyes, sharp sense of humor, and habit of being ten minutes early everywhere I go.

But I also got some bum DNA from dear old dad – that gene for baby fine, super limp hair.

Now, it’s definitely not the worst fate in the world, but it has meant a lot of seriously bad hair days over the course of my life.

And while there are treatment and styling products that can help make your locks look a bit thicker, I’ve learned that the right hairstyle is the best way to beef up the appearance of fine or thin hair. So whether you’re like me and were born with fine tresses or your hair has started to thin with age, here are some ‘dos that are sure to pump up the volume big time.

Classic Bob

When it comes to finding the right haircut for fine hair, it’s difficult to top the bob. That’s because the shorter that you hair is, the thicker it’ll look. A classic chin- or jaw-length bob is the best option for added fullness, but even a lob that hits somewhere between your chin and shoulders can help add thickness. It’s a pretty low maintenance style too – just let it air dry or blow dry it with a paddle brush. For extra volume, though, apply a texturizing spray like the Living Proof Instant Texture Mist and scrunch it into your hair.

Soft Curls

Whenever I have a special occasion and want to make sure my fine tresses look as thick as possible, curls are my go-to style. Adding any type of texture to your hair helps make it appear more voluminous, so whether you prefer tight, corkscrew curls or loose, romantic waves, you can improve the look of your fine locks. Use a 1-inch or larger curling iron to create the curls – the larger the barrel on your iron is, the looser your curls will be – but remember to apply a heat protectant before styling because fine hair is particularly vulnerable to heat damage. Biosilk Thermal Shield is an ideal option for fine or thin locks.

As you unroll each curl, spray it with a flexible hold hairspray like the Pantene Flexible Hold Hairspray to lock the texture in all day. Once your hair is completely curled, use your fingers to gently comb them out. For loose waves, try a brush to carefully smooth them into place.

Short and Piece-y

Because short cuts can make fine hair look thicker, a sexy, little pixie can make your locks look super thick. Try a longer, piece-y version of the usual style to give your locks plenty of movement and volume. It’s an ideal option if you have fine or thin hair and prefer a style that you don’t have to fuss with much – just use your fingers to comb through as you blow dry and run a hair straightener over your bangs and other longer pieces. You can play up the piece-y look by applying a hair wax or pomade such as the  Garnier Fructis Style De-Constructed Pixie Play Crafting Cream.

Simple Shag

Layered styles aren’t always the best look for fine or thin hair because they can actually make your locks look thinner. The shag is an ideal alternative to a look with tons of layers because it’s only the ends that are cut at varying lengths to add texture. For a super flattering look, pair it with some blunt or asymmetrical bangs.

When it comes to styling, use a paddle brush to blow dry. Next, go in with a straightener to smooth your locks for a sleek, textured look – and don’t skip your bangs for added drama. Finish off a shine spray like the John Frieda Frizz Ease 100% Shine Glossing Mist for lustrous, thick-looking tresses.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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