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How to Apply Cream Makeup like a Professional

If you’re looking for a dewy and youthful glow, you’ll want to try cream based makeup. From foundations to eye shadows, most products come in a cream version these days. They are great for people with dry skin. Here are some tips on applying cream based makeup products like a pro:

  1. Cleanse and moisturize your face before applying makeup. You can also use a hydrating primer to soothe the skin and make it ready for the cream based makeup. It will give a smooth base and ready your skin for makeup and create a long lasting finish.
  2. Apply a cream before a powder for long lasting makeup. If you tend to have oily skin, using a powder over a cream will help create a matte effect and help your makeup last longer.
  3. Creams are great for dry climates and winter, but they can be worn year round. If the weather is hot or humid, make sure to use a primer so the cream based makeup can last longer.
  4. Almost any skin type can wear a cream based makeup. Just look for one that best suits your skin type and ask a makeup artist or beauty professional if you aren’t sure which one to try. Some versions are matte, which are better for oily skin and others are better for dry skin. In general though, cream makeup is best for normal to dry skin and aging skin. It provides medium to full coverage and is great for moisturizing and smoothing.
  5. If you use a cream based eye shadow, make sure to use an eye shadow primer to keep the cream based eye shadow from creasing and smudging. You can layer makeup textures to create structure and make it long lasting.
  6. If you’re not sure which brush or tool to use to apply the makeup, use your fingers. Synthetic bristle brushes work well but your fingers always work to blend. Just make sure your fingers are clean or they can transfer bacteria that can cause breakouts. Using your fingers works especially well for makeup around the eyes, but cream foundations or blushes work better with a brush so you can apply lightly.

Do you ever use cream based makeup products? Which are your favorite types or brands to use? Share with us in the comments!





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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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