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How to Tease Your Hair

If your hair is routinely flat, you might be interested in teasing it for a new look. Yet, if you tease it the wrong way or tease it too much, you can look like a fashion victim from the 80s. But, if you tease it like a professional, you can give your hair that beautiful boost of volume if it tends to lay flat. Here are some professional tips on how to tease your hair and look fabulous:

  1. Use the right products. Use a Boar bristle teasing brush for the best teasing abilities. Ask your hairstylist if you aren’t sure which brush would be best for your hair type and your budget.
  2. If you are going to tease your hair, don’t use conditioner or any silicone based products that day. Better yet, tease your hair when it is dirty to help create the texture you crave.
  3. If you’ve just showered, spray salt spray on damp hair at the roots. You can use salt spray on dry hair, but you will need to blow dry it in for best results. Next, use mousse or styling cream to create hold. If you want to straighten your hair, don’t straighten the roots or you won’t be able to tease it properly. Better yet, tease your hair and then style the ends as necessary.
  4. When your hair is dry, take a section of your hair that is about half an inch wide. Hold it tightly and straight back, in the direction away from your head. Then tease each section about 3 times before backcombing the hair. Use your teasing brush to smooth the backcomb. You can separate and hold hair with the other end of your teasing brush.
  5. When you’re finished, make it last with hairspray. Do not use a hairspray that contains water (the bottle might say aqua too). This will create frizz by adding humidity back into the hair. Spray in the direction you want your hair to lie and don’t spray too close. If you want your hair extra shiny, finish with a shine spray.

Have you ever teased your hair? Have you ever used silly products like the Bump It? Share with us your favorite products and ways to tease your hair!




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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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