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Makeup Techniques to Slim You Down

Makeup can actually help you appear slimmer. Sounds crazy right? But it is true. Certain makeup techniques can slim down your face. Here are a few of the best:

  1. Choose a better brow shape. Your eyebrows should be thin, but not too thin that they’re unnatural looking or unnoticeable. Arched brows also help to lift your face and make you look slimmer. Go for a defined arch in the middle and color your brows one shade darker if they are very light.
  2. Get rid of dark under eye circles and sagging skin. Dark circles and sags just make you look older and can widen your face. Use concealer and white eye shadow or highlighter to help brighten your eyes.
  3. Use contouring and experiment with blush. Use a blush with a slight brown undertone or use bronzer underneath your blush. Apply blush under the cheekbone and sweep from your bone to the middle of each ear. Don’t apply too much.
  4. Make sure you apply bronzer correctly to slim your face. Apply a little bit of bronzer to your jaw line and blend. Apply a slightly darker bronzer under your jaw. Be sure to use sparingly so it is not noticeable to the eye. If you do this properly it should draw the eye away from any extra weight you carry around your face and neck.
  5. Make your eyes look fabulous and draw everyone’s eyes to your eyes! Use eyeliner and mascara to make your eyes appear larger and use eye shadows that play up your natural eye color. Don’t use too much however or people will be drawn to your eyes in a bad way. If you have blue eyes, look for gold or pink eye shadows. If you have green eyes, go for copper or plum colors. If you have brown eyes, choose blue, teal or purple.
  6. Highlight! Add a little bit of light highlighter to your cheek bones, the center of your nose and your forehead. It will help elongate your face.
  7. Lastly, go for pretty pink lips! Dark lips can make you look heavier and nude lips can make your lips look too thin. Pink lips work on just about any skin tone and make you look fabulous!

What tips do you use to slim down your face? Do you ever use makeup to contour to change your face shape slightly? Share with us your tips!

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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