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Smoother Shaving Advice


Shaving is that annoying thing that most women do daily. Here are some tips to make hair removal better, faster, easier and have those smooth limbs for longer.

  1. Exfoliate before you shave. If exfoliate before you shave, you get rid of dead skin cells that can hinder a really close shave.
  2. If you run out of shaving cream, use hair conditioner or shower lotions. You might also want to try shaving with baby oil for a really close shave. Just keep in mind it will gunk up your razor.
  3. If you use disposable razors, use a new one every three uses.
  4. Shave downwards then upwards for the closest shave possible. This also works great for those who have sensitive skin.
  5. Never slide a razor sideways across your skin or you’ll end up with lots of cuts.
  6. Don’t shave over any existing wounds.
  7. Bend your knees when you are shaving your knees to avoid missing any sections.
  8. Use razors with five blades. Don’t be afraid to try men’s products because often they work really well for shaving your legs.
  9. If your armpits tend to become very dark, try natural treatments to help lighten the hair and skin such as cucumbers and lemon juice. You can also try waxing to help pull the hair out at the root and lighten the look of your skin without hair.
  10. If your skin gets irritated from shaving, use after shave solutions such as aloe vera gel, baby oil or a cold compress to soothe the skin. Put on lotion when your skin is damp to ensure it is sucking in all the moisture.
  11. Make your own shaving creams! Use ingredients like shea butter, coconut oil and essential oils to make a natural shaving cream.
  12. Pull the skin taut to help the blade move across the skin easier. Only do this if it doesn’t irritate the skin.
  13. Use short strokes to avoid cutting yourself accidentally, especially around tricky areas like your knees.
  14. Don’t use soap because it will irritate your skin and could cause you to cut yourself easier.
  15. Lastly, if you’re fed up with shaving, waxing and everything else, try laser hair removal. It can be costly, but it will save you money in the long run that was spent buying shaving products.

What are your tried and true tips for smoother shaving? Share with us your secrets and tell us if you try any of ours!

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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