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How to Wear Makeup with Dry Skin

Dry skin can be horrible to deal with. As winter drags on, your skin stays dry and might even flake or peel. How can you apply makeup to such a mess? Here are some tips for applying makeup to even the driest of skin:

  1. Use a creamy exfoliating cleanser to get rid of dead skin cells on the surface of skin but still moisturize the skin before you apply makeup.
  2. Instead of a heavy moisturizer, try a fast absorbing serum or oil that will deliver faster relief and hydration.
  3. Before you apply any makeup, use a primer. It will keep skin extra moisturized and smooth out pores and imperfections.
  4. Use light liquid or cream makeup only. Anything heavy, powdery or cakey will only irritate your skin and flake off more. Try a lightweight, liquid foundation and apply with a foundation brush. Use a Beauty Blender to blend further if needed. Use a cream or liquid blush for added hydration. If you need extra hydration, make the Beauty Blender damp while you blend.
  5. Don’t use your fingers to apply makeup because they will absorb the moisture you need to stay put on your face.
  6. Don’t use powders, unless your T-zone gets oily. Then use oil blotting sheets wherever necessary.
  7. Don’t use waterproof formulas when your skin is very dry because it will just suck out the moisture and lead to even more flaking of the skin.
  8. Don’t forget your lips! Exfoliate your lips and moisturize them often. Avoid matte colors that can dry your lips out.

Do you have dry skin? Do you get it year round or just in the winter? What are your favorite tips or products for relieving dry skin and applying makeup like a pro? Share with us your thoughts!

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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