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Tips Before You Get a Bikini Wax

Spring and summer are right around the corner (finally!) and that means getting out your short shorts and bikinis. It also might mean you’re looking into getting a bikini wax. Here are some tips to remember before you head to the salon:

  1. Always request a new pot of wax each time. Popsicle sticks used to wax are often reused on one person. This means when a stick is used it will contaminate the whole pot of wax. So even though they use new popsicle sticks for each person, the whole pot of wax could be contaminated from the last person. If your salon uses a pot of wax, request a fresh one to avoid infections. Try to schedule your appointment for early in the day when they will naturally have a fresh pot of wax.
  2. Bring your own tweezers for any lingering hairs. If they use tweezers to get those stray hairs, bring your own to avoid any health risks associated if they don’t cleanse their tweezers properly.
  3. Take a warm bath or warm shower an hour before. The warm water will open up the pores and help the hair glide out easier from the follicles. However, don’t exfoliate because it could irritate the skin being waxed.
  4. Schedule your wax for one week after your period. This is the time when your natural pain tolerance is at an all-time high and you’ll avoid any surprise appearances from your period.
  5. Take an Advil or ibuprofen 30 minutes before your appointment to help with pain. It should start kicking in just in time.
  6. Skip coffee before your appointment. Acid and caffeine in coffee will stimulate your skin to feel more pain. Don’t drink alcohol beforehand either, thinking it will help ease the pain. It will actually tighten the skin, making the waxing more painful. Drink plenty of water instead.
  7. Use your phone or a book to distract you while you’re getting waxed.
  8. Lastly, ask your salon and hair removal specialist any questions before getting waxed. Make sure your salon is up to code on cleanliness and see a doctor if you have any irregular irritation in the weeks following your appointment.

Do you get regular bikini waxes? What is your favorite way to ease pain associated with waxing?

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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