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How to Straighten Thick Hair Properly

Thick hair can be hard to deal with, especially if your hair is wavy and curly and you desire a straight ‘do. It can require some serious time and patience and since your hair tends to be heavy when it is thick, it can weigh down your style. Even if a hairstylist thins your hair for you, making it a little less heavy, it can still be hard to straighten perfectly. Here are some tips to straighten your thick hair to perfection:

  1. Make sure your hair is completely dry before straightening. Try to air dry until almost dry and then blow dry briefly. You can use products that help your hair dry faster and protect it from the heat.
  2. Use oils. For thick hair, use a denser oil and it will easily absorb into the hair instead of coating the top layer. It will help protect your hair from the heat and smooth it out. Apply oil to wet hair and then afterwards to smooth over any frizzy areas.
  3. Use the right temperature on your flat iron. If you have thicker hair, you’ll need to turn up the temperature on your straightener. This will help you achieve a straight look without repetitively going over each strand, which can cause static.
  4. Keep your style goal in mind while straightening your hair. If you want it pin-straight, divide into small sections and work from the bottom layers to the top layers. If you want a smoother style with more volume, divide into bigger sections and don’t clamp the flat iron as tightly.
  5. Use a brush, not a comb on dry, thick hair. If you comb dry hair, it will cause split ends and static. Remember, use a brush for dry hair and a comb for wet hair.
  6. Add some volume. It can be difficult to give volume to thick hair because it is heavier and doesn’t hold a style or products as well. Dry your hair upside down to add some body into the hair and use dry shampoo or other styling products that add volume to the hair.

Do you have very thick hair? Do you find it difficult to get the straight style you desire? Share with us if these tips help you or if you try something different!




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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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