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Bad Beauty Habits to Stop Doing Now

Bad Beauty Habits to Stop Doing Now

Many of us have a simple or complicated beauty routine. You have habits that you’ve picked up since you were young. You may not even know these could be considered bad habits. Here are some bad habits to change today for better skin and looks:

  1. You only focus on your face during your skincare routine. When you neglect your neck, you aren’t doing yourself any favors. The aging process and sun damage shows up on your neck too, not just your face. Remember to use SPF, moisturizer and anti-aging serum on your neck too.
  2. You work out wearing makeup. You might want to look good for the hotties at the gym, but wearing makeup while you sweat can cause irritation and breakouts. If you’re headed right to the gym after work, throw some makeup removing towelettes in your gym back to remove makeup before you work out. This will also avoid the dreaded mascara streak down your face.
  3. Tweezing ingrown hairs. It can be so hard not to try to dig that ingrown hair out, especially if it hurts! But you’ll never get it out and you could just infect or scar your skin trying to dig it out. Instead, exfoliate regularly and apply something with salicylic aid to clear it up. If it becoming a big problem, see a professional.
  4. Messing and styling your hair when wet. Wet hair is very delicate and prone to damage and breakage. Don’t rub with your towel, wrap it up in a towel tightly, brush or put up in a tight ponytail or bun. Instead, use an old cotton t-shirt to squeeze water from your hair gently. Use a wide-tooth comb to brush out any tangles and don’t use a regular brush until your hair is almost dry.
  5. Rubbing your eyes. Allergies and contacts can make for very itchy and irritated eyes. You know when you rub your eyes, it makes them irritated and inflamed. But in the long term, the skin around your eyes is delicate and rubbing could damage collagen and elastin, which will make you look older. If your eyes are very itchy, take out your contacts if you have them and are able to and use eye drops. Keep eye drops handy wherever you go.

Do you have any of these bad beauty habits? Were you surprised by any on this list?

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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