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Makeup Tips for Older Women


As you age, things change. Your skincare, hair care and makeup routine should change too. Here are some makeup tips for older women to look fresh and beautiful:

  1. Switch to cream-based cosmetics instead of powder-based products. Cream-based products are better for aging and dry skin and powder actually adds texture to skin. Older women usually do not need any extra texture on their skin.
  2. Find a tone of lipstick that matches your inner lip or gums for a natural look.
  3. When you age, you tend to lose definition in your eyebrows. Just go with it! If you try to re-create the brows you had when you were young, you will probably look silly and unnatural. Just maintain your eyebrows so they look maintained and nice.
  4. Don’t use eye shadow. Mascara is fine, but eye shadow can make your crease appear deeper and your eyes look more wrinkled.
  5. Experiment with different foundations but don’t use tinted moisturizers. Look for a foundation that gives you the coverage you want but doesn’t add any texture. If you’re not sure where to start, ask a makeup artist or experienced consultant at a beauty store.
  6. Don’t go overboard with concealer. A little is okay, but too much can just look like you have gunk under your eyes in the daylight. Apply with care.
  7. Just remember that less is more with makeup as you age. Look for products made especially for aging skin. Taking care of yourself and your skin will help you look fresh and young and you won’t need a lot of makeup.

What makeup advice would you give to older women? What are your favorite makeup products for aging skin? Do you have a favorite brand? Share with us!




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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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