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Warm Weather Hair Care Tips


After what felt like the snowiest winter ever here on the East Coast, I’ve really been looking forward to warmer weather.

Not having to throw on at least three layers every time I leave the house is a treat for sure, but what I really appreciate is the fact that my hair doesn’t feel dry, brittle, and static-y at every turn.

Of course, my enthusiasm for the warmer weather was stronger before we had our first  80+ degree, super humid days – now I’m ruing the day that I ever wished summer would hurry up and get here.

That’s because warm weather presents its own challenges for our tresses that can lead to a bad hair day in a hurry. Whether your problem is major frizz, limp, greasy locks, or dehydrated hair, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.

So even though summer isn’t officially upon us yet, here are some fool-proof tips to keep your hair looking fabulous and healthy no matter how high the temperatures rise.

Beat the Grease

When you’re in the middle of a heat wave, it’s only natural that you sweat a little more than usual. But just because your hair gets sweaty doesn’t necessarily mean you need to take another shower. Washing too frequently can actually strip your hair of natural oils and leave it dry and frizzy. Instead of shampooing your tresses again, use a dry shampoo such as the amika Perk Me Up Dry Shampoo to absorb excess oil and freshen up your hair.

If you have fine or thin hair, though, you may need to wash daily in warm weather to keep your locks from looking greasy and limp. Opt for a gentle, lightweight shampoo such as the Oribe Ultra Gentle Shampoo so you don’t have to worry about stripping your hair.

Have a Go-To Style

In warm weather, it helps to have an easy, go-to style that can help keep you cool and leave you looking fab even if your hair’s a little fussy. You can’t go wrong with a basic ponytail or braid when you want to do your hair in hurry. If it’s really hot, though, a classic top knot bun is an ideal option because it gets all your hair off your neck. Make it super easy by purchasing a bun-making kit like the Conair Bunmaker, which contains a foam donut that you thread your hair through to serve as a base for your bun – even if you have fine hair, you’ll get a big, impressive bun every time.

Ditch the Heat

When the temperatures are in the 80s and 90s, the last thing that I want to do is blow dry my hair. But heat styling isn’t just uncomfortable in warm weather – it can dry out your locks so they’re more prone to frizz. That means you should try to limit your use of the curling iron and flat iron in the heat as well. Instead, apply a texturizing salt spray such as the OGX Moroccan Sea Salt Spray to damp hair and scrunch it into your hair. Let your locks air dry and you’ll wind up with messy beach waves that are perfect in warm weather.

Ward Off Rays

It’s only natural to want to spend more time outdoors when the weather heats up. But whether that means lounging at the beach, swimming in the pool, or just taking a walk through the park, you’re going to be facing serious sun exposure – which doesn’t just damage your skin; it damages your hair as well. When you’re going to be spending significant time outdoors, apply a UV-protectant spray like the L’Oreal EverPure UV Protect Spray to keep your locks safe from the sun’s rays.

Don’t Skip Conditioner

With increased humidity, it might seem like you can ditch your usual deep conditioner in warm weather – but that’s actually a mistake. Sun, chlorine, and other environmental factors can dry out your tresses and leave them prone to frizz. Use a deep conditioner once or twice a month depending on how thick and coarse your hair is. The Kerastase Nutritive Masqueintense for Fine Hair is a great, lightweight option for warmer weather.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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