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Concealer Mistakes to Avoid Today


Concealer can be confusing. There are so many different types, ways to apply it and even perhaps different things on your face to conceal. From acne to dark circles to random spots on your skin, concealer is often the best product we have in our makeup tool kits. Here are some concealer mistakes you might not realize you’re making and how to fix them:

  1. It’s too light. Concealer should be as close to your natural skin tone as possible. If your concealer is too light, it will draw more attention to the spots you’re trying to cover up. If you’re trying to cover up dark purple circles, choose a yellow or orange-yellow based concealer, depending on your skin color. If you’re very fair and you have green-based dark circles, use a mauve-rose colored concealer. If you have sun spots or freckles you want to cover, use a peachy color and if you want to cover up redness or acne, use a green or yellow concealer to neutralize the redness.
  2. It’s too thick. Concealer should blend naturally and look natural and lightweight when applied correctly. If the concealer is thick, use a small amount and blend as you go. You can build on the coverage if you blend correctly.
  3. You put it on before your foundation. Many people put on concealer before foundation, but you should actually apply it afterwards. It will give you better coverage and last longer. If you put foundation over concealer, you will blend it in too much and it won’t look the way it should. It might end up looking too cakey. The only exception is when using treatment concealers like green concealers to hide acne. Those are normally applied before foundation. The best way to apply concealer is using a small, synthetic brush and then using fingers to blend.

Have you ever made these mistakes when it comes to concealer? What is your favorite type of concealer? How do you apply it so it looks best on your skin type and tone? Share with us your experiences!


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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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