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How to Determine Your Hair Type

How to Determine Your Hair Type

If you determine your hair type, you will be able to understand your hair better and figure out what products to use to give yourself the best hairstyle possible. Here are some tips and tricks to figure out your hair type:

  1. Find the diameter of your hair. The diameter of your hair can help you pick out the right products by determining if it’s fine, medium or coarse. Take a single hair between your fingers. If you don’t feel anything, you have fine hair. If you can feel it, you have medium hair. If it feels very strong and thick, then you have coarse hair.
  2. Figure out the density of your hair. Even if your hair is coarse, it may not be thick. Stand in front of a mirror and take a handful of hair at the side of your head. Can you easily see your scalp? If so, your hair is thin. If not, your hair is thick. If you’re unsure, you might have medium density.
  3. Find the elasticity of your hair. If your hair has a good amount of elasticity that means your hair is healthy and it will be easier to style. To test, slowly stretch the hair. If it breaks immediately, your elasticity is low and if it stretches out, the elasticity is high. If it is low, use a strengthening treatment.
  4. Find your texture/curl pattern. Your hair naturally changes texture as you get older and your hormones change. Let your hair air dry and you’ll see your natural texture.
  5. Figure out your scalp sebum production and understand what type of scalp you have. If your hair is greasy a day after washing it, you have an oily scalp. If it looks the same, your scalp is balanced. If you start to see flakes after a few days, your scalp is dry.

So what does this mean? Once you have your hair type, you’ll be able to ask a hairstylist what products are best for your hair and be able to shop for products more easily. You’ll be more confident mixing products and more informed about your hair in general.

Do you know your hair’s type? Were you aware of all the tests you can do easily to determine your hair’s type? Share with us what your hair type is and what products you love!

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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