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Makeup Advice for Sensitive Eyes


Many people have sensitive eyes for various reasons. Your eyes might get dry, watery or simply get irritated by many products including simple mascaras. Here are some tips on managing your eye sensitivity and looking fabulous:

  1. If you plan to wear heavy makeup around your eyes, take an antihistamine or use eye drops designed to help allergies or red, irritated eyes. This will help keep your eyes clear and irritation free.
  2. Use an eye makeup primer. A primer can be a good barrier between the surface of your skin and makeup products. Just be sure to test an area of skin to make sure the primer doesn’t also irritate your skin. Look for one that is made for sensitive skin. Also choose cream makeup products over powder as much as possible because they can be less irritating.
  3. Look out for irritating ingredients, such as carmine. Carmine is a chemical that is often found in pink, purple or red hued products. Look for all of its different names, including red #4, carminic acid, C.I. 75470 or E120 when looking at ingredients. It is a chemical that can cause allergic reactions, especially if you have an allergy.
  4. Hormones, birth control and even being on your period can make your eyes more sensitive. Chronic dry eyes are very common with taking birth control pills, so be aware.
  5. If you have darker eye lashes and sensitive eyes, don’t apply mascara at the root. Leave a bit of space on the lash so your eyes won’t be in contact with any makeup. While makeup can still obviously make its way into your eyes, this can help.
  6. If you have very sensitive skin, use natural eye products. Look for products with less or no chemicals and try to figure out which ingredients you are sensitive to so you can avoid them.
  7. Remember, less is more. If your eyes are very sensitive, use fewer products around your eyes. You look beautiful without it!

Do you have sensitive skin or sensitive eyes? Which ingredients or products do you have to avoid? Which products are your favorites because they don’t irritate your eyes? Share with us your struggles and triumphs!


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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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