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What to Know Before Getting Laser Hair Removal


When summer comes around, it becomes increasingly more important to think about removing unwanted hair. This quest might lead you to consider laser hair removal so you can be done with shaving, waxing and other annoying ways to remove hair. It is a great option for permanent hair removal, but make sure you know all of the facts before you make an appointment and shell out the cash.

  1. Laser hair removal science is pretty simple. Most treatments use a diode laser that finds the pigment in the hair follicle and disables it. It may take a few months to see full results because the hair grows in various cycles.
  2. Laser hair removal is safe, but only for patients that meet the criteria. Laser hair removal is actually only recommended for people with light to lightly tanned skin with dark hair. It won’t work properly on people with darker skin or blonde or red hair. If you have a darker skin tone, the laser actually can’t differentiate between the hair pigment and the skin pigment, which could be risky for the patient.
  3. Laser hair removal takes time. It could take up to six treatments or more for best results. The majority of your hair follicles will be removed after a full set of treatments, but you might have to go back every few years for touch-ups too. Just know that it will take time.
  4. Laser hair removal is expensive. You can now get handheld laser treatment systems to use at home, which can be less expensive in the long run, but you will still shell out a lot of cash for one and it will take some practice. Laser treatments in an office can cost up to $1,000 since you have to go back for several sessions.
  5. It will be somewhat painful. While it may not be as painful as waxing, it can still hurt and feels like a rubber band snapping with each pulse of the laser. There might be some temporary redness and swelling after, but it should go away quickly. So depending on your threshold for pain, it could be quite painful or not bother you much at all.

Have you ever gotten laser hair removal? Did it work for you or were you disappointed? Did this list help you decide if you want to try it or not? Share with us!

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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