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8 Ways You Ruin Your Hair

We all have different hair types and different hair care routines. Yet, there are ways we all damage our hair without even thinking twice about it. Are you aware of the ways you might be ruining your hair and damaging it for good? Here are a few examples and what to do to fix it now:

  1. Getting too much sun. Just like sun exposure can damage our skin, it can also damage our hair. If you get too much sun, your hair can become dehydrated and frizzy. It can also ruin your hair color, especially if you dye it. It can also cause breakage due to the loss of proteins in the hair. Be sure to limit your time in the sun and look for products with UV protection. Better yet, invest in a really cute sun hat.
  2. Over-brushing. You might buy into the old wives’ tale of 100 strokes before bed, but excessive brushing actually damages your hair by leading to split ends and breakage. Buy a good quality brush with nylon solutions and limit your brushing. Less is definitely more in this situation!
  3. Using too many hot tools on a daily basis. If you love how your hair looks straight or curly and are obsessed with your curling iron or flat iron, be sure to take breaks. Using a hot tool like a flat iron every day will make your hair very damaged and lead to breakage. It will be difficult to keep moisture in your hair and it will become very dull and dry. Use a heat protectant when you straighten or curl and be sure to take breaks.
  4. Forgetting to get a trim. It might seem silly to get your hair trimmed on a regular basis for long, healthy locks, but it is necessary. Schedule quarterly haircuts or ask your stylist when you should get your hair cut for optimal health and to achieve the length and style you want. Haircuts are the only way to get rid of split ends and keep your hair from becoming more damaged.
  5. Not caring for colored hair properly. If you dye your hair regularly, especially if you love crazy colors, it will dry out your hair and damage it if you don’t take care of it. Be sure to use color-care shampoo and conditioner, limit hot styling tools and use hair masks to retain moisture.
  6. Drying your hair with high heat. If your hair is very thick and coarse, you may need to blow dry your hair with the highest heat setting. But if it isn’t, you could actually be frying your hair. Use an ionic blow dryer with different heat settings. Start with the highest when your hair is very wet, then lower the heat setting as you dry.
  7. Washing your hair too often. Unless your hair is extremely oily, you do not need to wash your hair every day. If your hair can become very dry, only wash it a few times a week to maintain natural oils. If you don’t like how it feels at first, use a good dry shampoo in between washes.
  8. Putting your hair up or tying it tight when its wet. When your hair is wet, it is extra susceptible to damage and breakage. When you twist it up with an elastic band right after you wash it, it could cause breakage. Try to keep your hair down and air dry it or blow dry it quickly and then put it up in a bun or ponytail.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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