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9 Tips To Avoid Bloating

Bloating can be an unpleasant experience that happens to anyone at any time for many different reasons. You could be bloated and gassy from eating certain foods you don’t digest well, swallowing too much air, being too stressed or anxious or are bloated from overeating or drinking too much. You might also become bloating from keeping yourself from releasing gas. It doesn’t matter why you’re bloated; you just want the feeling of an extended abdomen gone.

Here are a few tips to reduce and prevent bloating:

  1. Work on that six pack! Working on your core and making it strong will help build muscles that prevent bloating. So start doing planks, crunches and other ab exercises regularly for a continually flat tummy!
  2. Eat a healthy diet that is right for you. If you are unsure which foods are causing your bloating, you might want to try an elimination diet to find out. Then aim to eat healthy and avoid the foods that you have trouble digesting. If you do want to enjoy those foods on a special occasion, eat them wherever you feel comfortable so you can release gas and not feel bloated. You can also try Beano or something similar that can help reduce the effects. A few foods that reduce bloating are celery, rice and watermelon. Think foods with a high water content.
  3. If you’re constantly feeling bloated and trying to avoid foods you have an intolerance to, also avoid greens and beans for a while. They can both stimulate gas production and make you bloat.
  4. Try avoiding salt, drinking lots of water and taking a pill such as GasX when you’re feeling bloated and gassy. If you want a more natural approach, try a few yoga moves and put some peppermint oil on your stomach. It can help release gas and calm your tummy.
  5. If you want to avoid bloating, try drinking through a straw and switching from gum to mints. Both swaps help you avoid swallowing too much air, which can lead to bloating. Also watch out for artificial sweeteners in gum, mints and other foods as they can cause a lot of gas and bloating.
  6. Try a probiotic. Probiotics help fill your gut with healthy bacteria that can tame a lot of tummy troubles, including bloating.
  7. Don’t forget to use the bathroom. If you’re feeling bloated a lot, make sure that you aren’t skipping bathroom visits or holding off because you’re so busy. If you need to, schedule 10 minutes in the morning or afternoon to eliminate and get yourself in a schedule. Chances are you’ll feel a lot better!
  8. Your stomach might be fussy simply because you’re stressed. More and more studies show the direct correlation between your gut and your brain. Take more time to relax and de-stress. Find an activity that calms you down and do it more often! The newest stress relief craze for adults are coloring books. Try it!
  9. Lastly, you may want to try a short fast. If you are feeling ill and bloated from what you’ve been eating or you’ve been eating too much, try a fast to give yourself optimal time to digest. Ask your doctor before you try any diets or fasts because it could be harmful for your health depending on any pre-existing conditions. You don’t want to pass out or make yourself sicker!

Have you ever had consistent bloating? What is your go-to remedy for bloating and what do you do to prevent it from happening again? Share with us!




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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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