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Ways to Get Perfect Skin

Ways to Get Perfect Skin

Perfect skin can be caused by genetics, but it also needs a little TLC. If you’ve been suffering from skin woes and are jealous of your smoothly skinned friends, here are some easy and inexpensive habits to adopt.

  1. Give yourself a massage or get a facial weekly. Massage is great for your body and your face! It will help improve your circulation, encourage lymph drainage and help get rid of any tension you might be holding on to. All of this can lead to better looking skin.
  2. Assess what your skin needs daily. Your skin will need different care and products based on the weather, your health and your mood. Sometimes you might feel dehydrated and need extra moisture or break out because of PMS. Don’t just use the same products daily that you may not need.
  3. Eat healthy to keep clear and hydrated skin. Drink lots of water, eat healthy foods and research which foods might be beneficial to your specific skin issues. Take a probiotic and take care of your gut. Some skin issues might be related to bad digestion.
  4. Try this interesting tip: stand on your head or hang your head over your couch or bed to get the blood flowing to your face. It has been said to cleanse and get rid of toxins.
  5. Keep your skin care routine simple at night. You don’t need many products because your skin will regenerate on its own while you sleep.
  6. Get your beauty sleep! 7-8 hours of good, restorative sleep will do wonders for your skin.
  7. But make sure to keep your pillowcase clean and change or wash it every few days. Germs, dirt and oil that can get trapped on your pillowcase can cause acne.
  8. Use products in the correct order to be the most effective. Think cleanse, tone and then moisturize. Try applying oil after you moisturize to create a barrier to keep in the moisture. Your skin will be as soft as ever!
  9. Use masks or exfoliate at night. This is the best time for products to be their most effective.
  10. Go for DIY skin care or natural, organic ingredients. Your skin is your largest organ and you better believe it is greatly affected by chemicals in most skin care products. Make products yourself with ingredients you trust or find certain brands or products that are more natural.
  11. If you haven’t slept well the night before, know how to fake like you did. Try alternating splashing warm and cold water on your face to get blow flowing or ice your skin to reduce pores and dark circles.
  12. Lastly, smile! Beauty comes from within. Don’t stress about the occasional pimple or dark circles. Chances are no one will notice.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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