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Your Guide to Saturated Fats

Your Guide to Saturated Fats

If you absolutely love butter and coconut oil, but might avoid it because you’ve been told it will increase your cholesterol and clog your arteries, this article is for you. We’ve been told that saturated fats (think red meat, full-fat dairy, processed foods, fried foods or sweets) are very bad for you. But new studies show that items like butter and coconut oil can be found in a healthy diet. The sugar in these foods are often more bad for you than the fats.

Dietary guidelines still recommend that you only have seven grams of saturated fats a day. Just like anything, when we discover a food isn’t necessarily as bad for us as we thought, that still doesn’t mean you should gorge on it all day. Here are a few things to remember when eating saturated fats in your diet:

  1. Look at the food you’re eating instead of the fat content. Avocados and pizza both contain saturated fats. Avocados are healthy. Pizza generally is not. If you eat saturated fats, get them from healthy sources instead of processed or packaged foods.
  2. Go for grass-fed beef because it is leaner than traditional red meat. Organic is awesome too, but remember that organic and grass-fed aren’t the same thing.
  3. Choose plant-based fats. Cook with olive oil, choose avocados, nuts, seeds and other healthy fats in your diet.
  4. Enjoy coconut oil and butter – in moderation! Don’t stress out too much about eating too many saturated fats. Often our stress around food is unhealthier than just eating the food itself!
  5. Remember to eat to your specific body type and issues. If you have high cholesterol, you might need to eat less saturated fats. Talk to your doctor about the specific foods you should be eating or avoiding if you are worried.

Have you been told to avoid saturated fats altogether? Do you avoid them or do you eat a lot of them? What are your thoughts on this sometimes controversial topic? Share with us!

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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