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Fascinating Things Your Earwax Can Tell You About Your Health

Fascinating Things Your Earwax Can Tell You About Your Health

Have you ever wondered about your earwax? Okay, it sounds kind of gross, but your earwax can tell you a little about your health. Doctors agree that it isn’t the most important (your saliva, pee, etc. can tell you more), but you shouldn’t discount your earwax. Your earwax is effective in keeping dirt and bacteria out of your ear canal. Here are some things your earwax can tell you about your health:

  1. If it seems watery and has a greenish tint, this means you’ve probably been sweating. Sweat can leak down into your ear and make it watery and change the color a bit. However, if you haven’t been sweating and it is greenish or dark yellow, you might have an ear infection. You might have an ear infection especially if you have other symptoms, like fullness or ache in your ear. If your ear is bothering you at all, see a doctor.
  2. Take a look and notice if its sticky or dry. Research shows that people of Asian descent have dry earwax, while people of African or European descent have sticky or wet earwax. Weird, right?
  3. If it has a strong odor, something is probably wrong. You might have an infection or damage in your middle ear. You may also notice ringing in your ears, a feeling of fullness in your ear or loss of balance. Check it out with your doctor.
  4. If you notice when earwax leaks out in a noticeable trickle or clump, you might have a condition called cholesteatoma. This happens when infections or even tears inside your eardrum lead to abnormal skin growth. You may also develop pressure or pain in your ear. See your doctor.
  5. If you don’t seem to have any earwax at all, you might have condition called keratitis obturans. If you have this, you might also experience pain or fullness because the wax builds up in your ear instead of coming out on its own.
  6. If it is flaky, have no fear. This happens naturally with age.
  7. If your ear feels itchy or you can actually feel the buildup of earwax, see a doctor. You may have a buildup they need to professionally remove or have some sort of infection.
  8. Remember to remove earwax safely. Most people use cotton swabs, but this can actually push more earwax back into your ear and cause problems. Try an earwax removing kit or ask your doctor for the best way to remove it. Honestly, you don’t need to remove it unless there is a buildup. Earwax is there for a reason to keep dirt and bacteria from entering your ear canal.

Do you ever notice your earwax? Did you know any of these random earwax facts? Which one interested you the most or which one have you personally experienced?




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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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