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How Often Should You Replace Your Loofah to Keep It from Turning into a Cesspool of Germs?

How Often Should You Replace Your Loofah to Keep It from Turning into a Cesspool of Germs?

Do you use a loofah in the shower? Be honest: how often do you really replace it? A few months? A year? You might think that it is in the shower and you use it with soap, so how dirty can it really be? You’ll probably want to go buy a new one ASAP after you read this.

Loofahs actually carry a lot of bacteria and germs, especially if they sit in the shower and never dry out completely.

They start out as a great way to get rid of extra dead skin cells, but skin cells and bacteria can get trapped into the nooks and crannies easily, especially if you leave it in a humid environment. So the next time you use it, you really are just washing with bacteria you thought you got rid of. Your body is pretty resilient, but it could lead to staph infection, especially if you have any open wounds or scabs that are prone to infections. It can be especially harmful if you have an open wound and you scrub hard with the loofah on the infection. This will likely make things worse.

Basically, if you use a loofah, replace it once a month to avoid washing yourself with more germs and bacteria. Let it dry completely after each use. Consider keeping a wet loofah out of the shower environment to dry completely after you use it. You can wash and dry it after each use to avoid bacteria growth too. If it ever changes color or starts to smell, throw it out and get a new one immediately.

So what do you do if you use them regularly and don’t want to spend money on a new one each month? There are a few ways to get rid of the germs if you want to keep yours longer than a month. You can try microwaving it, but it might melt so use this tip at your own discretion based on the materials it is made out of. You can wash it in the washing machine, but it might fall apart. If you do wash it or bleach it, you need to let it dry completely in the sun.

Try to avoid washcloths, loofahs, sponges and opt for good old soap or shower gel and your hands. You can also try using sponges or pads that are one time use only.

Do you use loofahs in the shower? Did you know that they can become a cesspool of germs and bacteria? Share with us your thoughts!

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