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Reasons Your Feet Are Swelling Like Crazy

Reasons Your Feet Are Swelling Like Crazy

Have your feet ever started swelling up like a balloon for seemingly no reason? Cue panic and tons of googling! Don’t fear, most cases it is not serious so put down the phone filled with WebMD articles and read on. Here are some reasons your feet might be swelling and some ways to help the swelling go down:

  1. If you’ve been walking or standing a lot, your feet could start to swell. Especially if you are walking or standing a lot more than usual in a day or wearing different shoes. Think about heading to a conference for work in heels. You are probably walking around, standing and wearing shoes you aren’t used to. Take breaks from walking and standing or switch shoes. If your feet are already swollen, keep them elevated at the end of the day, ideally to a height above your heart to get circulation going again and help the swelling go down. You can also put a cold pack on to reduce swelling.
  2. Don’t opt for shoes that hurt your feet, no matter how cute. If you have straps digging into your ankle, toes squished together or your feet smashed into a size too small, you are causing swelling and even permanent damage in some cases. It restricts movement of fluid in your feet and can lead to swelling. When buying shoes, walk around to see how comfortable they are before buying. Never buy shoes online unless you can return them or swap sizes easily. Look for good arch support, shock absorption and good cushioning when shopping for new shoes.
  3. If you’ve been gaining weight recently, it could cause your feet to swell too. Bloated feet could be from weight gain or pregnancy related weight gain. When you’re pregnant, your body produces more blood and fluids for your baby and this could cause swollen feet, especially in the third trimester. Your feet probably won’t go back down until you lose the weight, whether you are pregnant or not. Wear comfy shoes and elevate your feet whenever you can to reduce swelling and pain.
  4. If none of these apply to you so far and your feet are swollen, you could have circulation problems or a bacterial or fungal infection. You could also have something more serious like a blood clot, although uncommon. If you have other symptoms or can’t figure out why your feet would be swelling, see your doctor. They will be able to diagnose the problem of your swelling feet and prescribe a way to reduce the swelling effectively based on the problem.

Have your feet ever swelled up randomly? What was the cause? Share with us your story and start a conversation!


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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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