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Hot Hair Colors for Winter

Are you ready to switch up your hair color for the winter? Want to go darker? Or not sure what color to choose? Here are some of the hottest new trends in hair color for this winter and this year. As always, ask your hair stylist for the best colors for your specific skin tone and get it done professionally if you are trying a very new color. Share with us if you plan to dye your hair one of these new trendy colors!

Rose gold hair. Rose gold is all rage right now, even as a hair color. Not quite blonde, but not quite bright pink, this is a great color to choose if you want to go lighter and try a crazy color.


Bright auburn red. Some are calling it terra cotta red. It is a bright red with blue undertones. You can also go lighter or darker based on your skin tone and red is a fun color for holiday parties. Most people look amazing in red, especially if they have light eyes!


Chocolate ombre. Ombre hair usually means darker hair with blonde tips, but the chocolate ombre is much subtler. Think dark hair with slightly lighter tips or natural dark roots to a warm brunette color.


Surfer streaks. If you’re dying to go to a beach instead of being stuck in the snow, at least make it look like you’re a surfer chick. This look works all year and may even brighten up your mood. Think blonde highlights or different blonde colors all over.


Natural black. No, I don’t mean black only if it is your natural hair color, but a softer black color. Jet black can be too harsh for many skin tones, but a natural black color can work for anyone.


What color are you rocking this winter? Are you dying to dye it? Share with us which color you are going to choose and maybe even share a picture!


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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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