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Hair and Skin Tips for Your Next Vacation

If you’re sick of the winter weather and ready to hit the beach for vacation, I don’t blame you! Just don’t pack too quickly and forget to care for your hair and your skin before, during and after your vacation. It can be rough on your skin and hair to change climates so rapidly, so be sure to have a plan of attack if you are going from dry winter air to humid warm weather. Here are some tips:

Before vacation, keep your skin and hair moisturized as you prepare to enter the warmer weather. Moisturize daily and drink plenty of water. Resist booking spa days on vacations or getting a haircut right before your vacation as this can aggravate your skin and hair during the changing of weather. It is best to use a facial specialist and hair stylist that you know and trust with your specific skin and hair types.

During vacation, use SPF! A vacation sunburn can have lasting effects on your skin. Cover up and use a hat to protect your skin from the sun. Bring your usual products and avoid using the free samples in your hotel room. It could make your skin break out because you’re not used to those ingredients or they may just be low end products. This also applies to shampoos and conditioners. Bring your own products and bring products that you’ll need in the warm sun vs. what you’ve been using in the cold, winter months.

Don’t bring hair styling tools in your suitcase. Let your hair be natural and do its own thing and it will stay healthy for longer.

When you return home from vacation, now is the time to book a facial and a haircut from your usual places. The changing of weather and the sun can damage your skin. It also can be great to get a deep clean of your skin and hair after it has been subject to different products and elements. Be sure to moisturize well. Coconut oil is great to use and the smell can bring you back to your tropical vacation! Treat any sun spots by rubbing a fresh lemon your face, let absorb for 30 minutes and then rinse off.

Do you have any vacations planned this winter? How do you change your skin and hair routine from winter to summer back to winter in a matter of weeks? Share with us your favorite tips or products!

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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