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Spring Beauty Trends for 2017

Are you ready for Spring? Even if the weather is still chilly where you are, you can start experimenting with the hottest beauty trends for Spring 2017. Head to your favorite beauty supply store with this list and start trying some of these fun trends! Here are our favorite upcoming beauty trends to try in Spring 2017:

  1. Ombre orange and red lip. If you want to try a new bold lip, use orange and red for a look designed to wow! Try a vivid orange colored lipstick or gloss and a red liner and blend to create an ombre look.
  2. If you love orange, you’ll also want to try orange eye gloss. Eye gloss applies like a gel, but dries like a powder so you’ll have long lasting coverage that appears very shiny. Try using black eyeliner and orange colored eye gloss for a look that stands out.
  3. If you’re not that into bold colors like orange, try an elegant shimmery eye. Apply a neutral or taupe eye shadow first and then blend with a gold pencil or metallic color for a classy shimmer.
  4. Watercolor eyes are also a stunner for Spring. Try a mix of colors like lavender, aqua and gold or any other pastel colors for a really cool look.
  5. Try another cool lip look: two-tone lips. You can use any two colors you’d like, but if you’re not sure what to try, go for a red upper lip and a hot pick shade on your lower lip. At a distance, it pretty much looks the same, but up close it looks so fun! Great for a girl’s night out.
  6. Get out a clear eye gloss to go over your favorite black kohl liner to create glossy black eyes. It is a fun twist on smudgy eye looks.
  7. If you love brown or dark cherry lips, go for it! Add shimmery or glitter on top for a chocolate glitter look.
  8. If you like the natural look, embrace it this Spring! Try blending mauve lipstick on your cheeks and nose, taupe shadow on your eyelids and a light pink or nude matte lipstick. You’ll look pulled together but it will also look like you’re not even wearing any makeup.
  9. Dramatic blush is in. Try wearing blush high up on the corners of your cheeks in a bright pink shade. If that seems too dramatic for you, add color to the side of your eyelids or higher up on your cheeks. You can also simply experiment with different blush colors.
  10. Last but not least, go green with envy. Wear green on your eyelids, I mean. The color of the season is seafoam green and it looks great on multiple skin tones. Just lightly brush it on.

Do you love any of these beauty trends for Spring 2017? Which ones are you excited to try? Share with us what you try and any selfies you take!

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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