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Protect Your Makeup Looks During Rainy Weather

You might associate spring with rainy days and hate the thought of messing up your fabulous hair. But rain can unfortunately wreak havoc on our makeup too. Here are some tips to ensure you still look cute even if you get caught in the rain:

  1. Make sure your foundation is waterproof. Tinted moisturizer is a great way to cover up blemishes and other imperfections and still look natural. Rain won’t affect tinted moisturizer the way it will a heavy foundation or powder either.
  2. While you’re at it, make sure you are using a waterproof mascara! You don’t want black streaks going down your face while you’re out and about, do you? Waterproof mascara will stay put in the rainy weather. Same goes for any liquid eyeliners.
  3. If you love that natural pink glow that blush gives you, try a cream blush. Powders are more likely to come off, especially in rainy weather. A cream blush will stay put on your skin and give you that glow you desire.
  4. High quality lipstick or lip stain is you friend when you are battling the elements. Aim for more natural colors too. You don’t want to start looking like the Joker when your red lipstick starts smearing off from running through a downpour.
  5. Before you use your tinted moisturizer, use a high-quality primer. It will help your makeup stay put and look fantastic.
  6. Keep in mind that most concealers will hold up just fine in rainy and humid weather. Cream concealers will work the best. Make sure you are matching your concealer to your skin tone because too light or too dark just won’t look right. Yellow tinted concealers look best to cover up any redness or acne.
  7. Rainy days can actually dry out your skin as strange as it sounds. On these days, especially if there are many in a row, make sure to use extra moisturizer and even try a moisturizing mask.
  8. If you are out and about in the rain, just keep your look simple and natural. Make sure to blend everything really well because smudges or smearing is often caused when makeup isn’t blended properly. Don’t forget to bring your makeup with you if you need to touch it up at your destination or use Q-tips to fix smearing or smudging.

Do you love or hate rainy days? What makeup products or techniques do you use when it’s raining? Share with us!

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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