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9 Signs of Menopause

If you are middle aged or older, you might be wondering when you will start to reach menopause. It can be a tricky and scary time. If you are wondering what they symptoms or signs of menopause are, check out this list before you take a visit to the doctor. If you are experiencing terrible symptoms and don’t feel well, you need to visit your doctor to find out what is going on for sure. There could be something more serious going on. Here are some signs you might be reaching menopause:

  1. You’ve been experiencing horrible and heavy periods. If you’ve had anywhere from a few months to a few years of extremely heavy periods, you might be reaching menopause.
  2. You are suddenly very moody and in a bad mood all the time. You might start to get more irritable than you normally are and get annoyed by everyone and everything around you. If you are nearing your 50’s, this could be a sign of menopause. If you are younger, you might be experiencing a hormonal imbalance instead. Get tests from your doctor to find out.
  3. You are gaining weight very easily and having a hard time losing weight. If you exercise and eat right and are normally pretty thin, but suddenly gain weight and can’t keep it off, you might be menopausal.
  4. You notice your hair growing faster, especially on your face.
  5. You get extremely hot and sweaty at night. Night sweats are a big sign that menopause might be approaching. Think changing pajamas or sheets in the middle of the night type of sweating.
  6. You are suddenly experiencing acne, even if you haven’t dealt with it in many years.
  7. You are experiencing memory loss and a foggy brain.
  8. You are experiencing anxiety, even if you’ve never really had an issue with anxiety and worry before.
  9. You are experiencing hair loss.

Have you been experiencing any of these symptoms lately and are middle aged or older? Share with us your story and let us know if you are in menopause! Connect with others going through the same process.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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