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Easy Summer Workout You Can Do in Your Backyard

Now that summer is here and the weather is getting warmer, you might be getting the itch to exercise outdoors instead of indoors. Try a workout that you can easily do in your backyard or in the park. This is great because you can exercise while you watch your kids play in the backyard. All you need is a large open area and a bench, table, chair or step.

Start with sprints. Sprint the entire length of the yard as fast as you can and then jog back to the start. Repeat 5-10 times (depending on the size of the area you are running).

Next, do some bear crawls. Bear crawls are when you crouch down and walk on your hands and feet. Start with your right hand and your left foot and then switch, crawling like a bear. Go across the whole length of your yard and back. Repeat twice.

Do some side leaps. Start by standing with your feet together, slightly bend your knees and hop as far as you can to the right. Land on your right foot. Then switch and hop to the left as far as you can and land on your left foot. Repeat 10 times on each side to equal 20 times total.

Next do 25 basic jumping jacks. After your jumping jacks, use steps, a chair or a table, turn your body and step up so your right foot is closest to the steps. Then switch. Repeat 15 times.

Using the same table, chair or steps, do some push-ups. Repeat 15-20 times. Keeping with the same table, chair or steps, scoot your butt to the edge of the bench or chair and bend your arms at your elbows and then do dips. Repeat 10-15 times.

Next, do some lunges and squats. Try to do 15-20 of each. Then do some running butt kicks. Start with your feet shoulder width apart and start to jog forward and bring your heels to your glutes with each step. Don’t arch your back. Run the entire length of your yard twice.

Lastly, finish off with some running high knees. Repeat two times around your yard. If you are a beginner, do this work out once. If you are intermediate, try the entire workout twice. If you are an advanced exerciser, do the entire workout three times.

Have you ever worked out in your backyard with items you already own? Will you try this workout this summer? Let us know! Don’t forget to hydrate and take breaks in the shade or indoors if you need it.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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