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Natural Remedies for Irregular Periods

If you are a woman, chances are you’ve had an irregular period at one point in your life. Irregular periods can be normal if you are going through some sort of stressful situation like a move, travel or divorce. An irregular period can mean a skipped period, a shorter or longer cycle or period length than usual or more severe PMS symptoms. Depending on your age, make sure a missed period does not mean you are pregnant or entering menopause before looking into remedies for irregular periods.

Always see a doctor if you have health issues. Here are some natural remedies for irregular periods. If diet and lifestyle changes do not help, you may be dealing with something more serious and you need to see a doctor.

  1. Download an app on your phone that tracks your periods and symptoms. This can be extremely helpful, especially when talking to a doctor.
  2. Take a break from sweets and processed foods. Focus on whole grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and fish. Also try to avoid caffeine and alcohol for a while to see if it helps.
  3. Make sure to take a daily multivitamin that contains B vitamins, zinc, vitamin C, beta carotene and vitamin E. Also include an omega-3 fish oil supplement.
  4. Exercise for about 30 minutes a day. Exercise helps, but over-exercising or exercising too hard can also screw up your cycle.
  5. Keep an eye on your stress levels. If you are in the middle of a big life change or hard time, you might expect to see an irregular cycle. Do everything you can to reduce your stress levels. If you aren’t feeling very stressed and still experiencing irregular cycles, definitely see your doctor.
  6. Try an herbal remedy. Ask a naturopath about which herbs may be right for your specific problems, but the most popular for irregular periods are agnus castus, dong quai and Siberian ginseng. Cinnamon can also be helpful. Try looking for a PMS or irregular cycle tea. Most of them contain cinnamon.
  7. Try acupuncture. Acupuncture has been shown to help hormonal imbalances and irregular periods if you are looking for a more natural approach.
  8. Your western medicine doctor or OBGYN may want to put you on birth control to fix irregular cycles. Remember that it can be helpful, but it is only a temporary fix. When you stop taking the birth control, your problems may arise again.

Do you have irregular cycles? Does it happen often or only once in a while? How do you deal with it? Have you ever tried any of these natural remedies? Share with us your story!

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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