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Let’s get it straight: Blow-drying versus ironing

Sure, we’ve all probably desired pin-straight locks so sleek they could give someone a paper cut. But how can you get the results you crave without imparting too much damage on your hair? We decided to weigh the pros and cons of blow-drying and flat-ironing – and see which method reigned supreme.

Blowing hot
Okay, we get it, this process takes time, and it’s not the kind of thing you can master on the first shot. By the time you learn how to work that round brush and hold the blow-dryer at the correct angle you’re sure to hit that rush hour traffic that you were trying to avoid. That being said, save some time for tutorials on the weekend, because this method is definitely worth mastering. Blow-drying your hair straight can give your body and soft, natural style that a flat-iron can’t, and with a good heat protection serum, your hair should be able to stand up to the constant exposure to hot air. As puts it, “a blow dryer is a device that is meant for everyday use, whereas a flat iron is best to reserve for special circumstances.”

Clamping down
Nothing gets your hair straighter than a straightening iron. A good iron will smooth the kinks out of any head of hair, leaving only sleek, gleaming locks behind. Plus, hair is more likely to stay straight throughout the day than when it’s treated with a blow-dryer, but at what cost? Many experts agree that flat irons are more damaging to hair than blow-dryers because they expose hair to more direct, intense heat. Think of it as dancing around the fire…versus jumping right in. Not the most sustainable practice, but dang does your hair look good when you’re through.

And the winner is…
The blow-out. All in all, the method that’s going to preserve your healthy hair is the method that’s going to keep you looking beautiful for longer (considering that no daily heat styling method is exactly great for your hair). Plus, it’s not necessarily the case that you can’t achieve pin-straight perfection using this means. Keep practicing for that salon-quality appearance you desire, but please do try to give your hair a break now and then!

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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