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New Nail Polish Trends for Summer 2017

Do you get regular manicures and pedicures or do your nails yourself at home? If so, do you constantly choose the same color or style over and over again? If you do, it is time for a change! Read on about the top nail polish trends for this summer and pick your new favorite:

  1. Try taping your nails with thin strips of tape or just do one stripe down the middle of your nail. This also looks really cool if you put a matte top coat on top after.
  2. Abstract designs. If you do your nails yourself, now is the time to go crazy. Pick a new color and just do abstract designs on each nail. Think squiggles, lines, hearts, stars… whatever you want. What an easy new trend!
  3. Glow in the dark. Did you know you can get glow in the dark nail color? It comes in many different colors and actually glows in the dark! How fun for summer bonfires and camping trips!
  4. Alternating French manicure. Pick two colors and alternate the colors as the French tip of your nail and one for the background of your nail.
  5. Ombre glitter. Try a new glitter trend more suited for adults. Pick any color and then choose a glitter that is a similar color and slowly apply the glitter so the tip of your nails has the most glitter applied.
  6. Embellished cuticles. The latest trend is applying glitter or another color to your cuticle area only so it really pops! This can also make your nails look longer. Just make sure you keep your cuticles moisturized so this doesn’t dry them out and make them brittle or irritated.
  7. Black accents. Black might seem like a winter color, but adding a pop of black to a colored or nude nail is the trend this summer. It can make other bright colors really stand out as well.
  8. Anything metallic. Metallic colors are on trend! Take your pick. If you don’t want to do an entire metallic nail, try doing one accent nail with a metallic color or doing a metallic color as your French tip or around your cuticles.
  9. Try a new, fresh color that is trending now. Look for bright colors like yellow or lime, anything with rainbow glitter, light pink, coral, rose gold, and earthy tones like gray, brown and beige.

What nail polish colors or trends do you normally gravitate to? Which new trend will you try this summer? Share with us below! Share photos of your new manicure or pedicure too!

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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