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The Best Apps for Self-Care Practices

Have you heard of self-care? It is a phrase sweeping the nation and reminding us to take care of ourselves. While self-care can be all about manicures and pedicures and baths, it is also so much more. It means really putting yourself first and taking care of your needs to stay healthy and happy. You are probably already on your phone, so why not use it to practice self-care? Here are some of the best apps to download to easily start a self-care practice (none of these are sponsored):

  1. Vent App. Need to vent and everyone is busy or you don’t want to share your issue with a friend/family member/social media crew? Vent can help you find groups to discuss similar issues, chat directly with others and simply vent about what’s going on with you.
  2. Compulsive App. If you need a little break and a stress reliever, try a puzzle game on your phone. This one is great because each round only takes a few minutes so you won’t be sucked in for too long.
  3. Breathe App. If you’ve been interested in meditation, but aren’t sure how to start, try a guided meditation app like Breathe. They have different guided meditations for different feelings you might be experiencing and different times, so you can start with a few minutes and work your way up to a longer time period. Headspace is another great meditation app to try.
  4. Good Blocks App. If you deal with a lot of negative thoughts, try Good Blocks. It shows you phrases and you recognize if they are good or bad thoughts. It works to help lift your mood and improve your self-esteem, using something similar to cognitive behavioral therapy.
  5. Sleep Cycle App. If you are having issues with sleep, you need to try Sleep Cycle. It analyzes your current sleep cycle and helps you wake up during your lightest sleep period, which is the most natural time for you to rise. This can help you learn to sleep better and in turn, be more rested and energized the next day.
  6. DayOne App or other journaling apps. You can write entries, take pictures, record events and much more. This is great to vent about your feelings or record happy times to look back on. Either way, you’ll probably get those nostalgic vibes of writing in your diary as a teenager.
  7. Download a podcast app (you likely have one already on your phone) and download some audio files. There are so many to choose from. From self-help and personal development to mystery to real-life stories to much more, download a few that you’d like to listen to and get lost in the stories.
  8. YogaStudio App. If you love yoga but hate going to the studio or don’t want to pay for a DVD, try a free yoga app. You can try poses or take classes all from your phone.

What apps do you download for self-care? Which ones from this list will you try? Share with us your favorite apps!

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

Lauren Stewart is a freelancer writer from Michigan. She enjoys writing about beauty, health and fitness! She is passionate about learning new ways to take control of her health and wellness and is a makeup and skincare junkie! You can contact her by emailing