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Things to Do and Things to Avoid If You Have Dry Hair

If you struggle with dry hair, you are not alone. Dry hair can be caused by diet, the water quality in your shower, weather and genetics. Dry hair can lead to damaged and brittle hair if you don’t take care of it well. So if you know you have dry hair, you need to keep it moisturized. Here are some tips of things to do for your dry hair and certain things you should avoid:

  1. Make sure you condition! Every time you shampoo, use a conditioner afterwards. If your hair is really dry, you might need to use a conditioning mask or hot oil treatment once a week. You can also use a leave-in conditioner after you wash your hair.
  2. Avoid using hot styling tools often. Heat dries out your hair even further and can lead to damage. Turn off your straighter and curling iron at least a few times a week and let your hair be natural. If you do use a hot styling tool, make sure the heat is on the lowest setting.
  3. If you swim often, be sure to use a swim cap and protect your hair with conditioner before and after you swim. This is especially helpful if you swim in a chlorinated pool often.
  4. Always use a wide tooth comb on wet hair instead of a regular brush to avoid breakage. Avoid metal or cheap brushes which can lead to breakage as well.
  5. Get regular trims to remove split ends and ask your hairstylist about any special hydrating treatments for your hair.
  6. Try making your own hot oil treatment with argan oil or coconut oil. Both can be applied to wet hair and are very nourishing to dry hair.
  7. Make sure you eat a healthy diet and drink lots of water to keep your hair hydrated.
  8. Avoid rinsing your hair in hot water which can lead to damage and dryness.
  9. Only wash your hair a few times a week if your hair is very dry. Washing dry hair every day will just strip your natural oils and keep it dry.
  10. Avoid overexposure in the sun. You can burn your scalp and it can damage your hair. If you are in the sun, try wearing a hat or a scarf to protect your tresses.
  11. Avoid bleaching or dying your hair often, if at all. Bleach and hair dye can damage and dry out your hair very easily. Stay away from chemical treatments as well. If you do dye your hair, make sure to use color protectant products and ask your hairstylist about how to better protect and hydrate your colored hair.

Do you have dry hair? Did you know all of these tips to help maintain healthy hair and keep it from becoming dry and damaged? Share your thoughts!

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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