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Common Beliefs That Hold You Back

Do you believe that we attract what we focus on? That we bring into fruition what we think about? Most of us have common beliefs that follow us from childhood into adulthood. Some of these beliefs can actually hold us back from living a life we dream about or being happy. Here are some of the most common beliefs and how to stop them from holding you back in life. Let us know if you find yourself thinking any of these often.

  1. I can’t get my dream job or I can’t make money doing what I love. Many of us believe that we need that dead-end job just to make ends meet or we try to start our dream job and can’t make any money doing it. Make your passion a priority and truly believe that if you do what you love that money will come eventually. Stop yourself and change your thoughts anytime you start thinking that your passions won’t pay the bills. Sometimes these things just take a little time.
  2. I never catch up. Whether you feel behind on your bills, your relationship status, your job status or something else that everyone else seems to have, remind yourself that everything happens at the right time. Believe in the timing of your life and stop comparison games.
  3. I don’t want to ask for help or I always get rejected. Most of us are afraid of rejection. We don’t want to ask out the person we like or go for a job opportunity or even ask for help with something. Make “rejection is protection” as your mantra. Think about it like if you don’t get what you want, something better is coming along. You can also think about it like this… “if you never ask, the answer is always no.”
  4. I’m not unique or someone else is probably already doing it better. The truth is, there isn’t anyone else like you in the entire world. Even if there are other people doing something you want to do, you will bring something new to it because the world has never seen your unique perspective before!
  5. I don’t have the money to do ____. Whatever it is, you might be right. But if you keep using that as your excuse, you will never get started. The belief that you need money to be happy or start something you love will only hold you back. Instead, start by investing your money however you can. If you want to upgrade your house, do small things and start saving. Start to truly believe that money flows to you easily and watch it start coming.
  6. I don’t deserve to be happy or successful. Your insecurities or past failures may be deep rooted and make you feel like you don’t deserve the better things in life. Start to discover where those insecurities started to heal the pattern. Start taking small daily steps to be happier and more positive.
  7. It hasn’t happened yet, so it never will happen or it hasn’t worked out before so it never will. Whatever you are thinking about, whether you want to lose weight and can’t or can’t find a serious relationship or can’t get your dream job, focusing on what you don’t have will only keep you stuck. Take action instead. Focus on little things you can do to make things happen. Look at your lessons learned and try what you haven’t tried yet.

What are the common beliefs holding you back? Did you identify with any on this list? Share with us below!

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

Lauren Stewart is a freelancer writer from Michigan. She enjoys writing about beauty, health and fitness! She is passionate about learning new ways to take control of her health and wellness and is a makeup and skincare junkie! You can contact her by emailing