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How to Work Out with Your Cycle

Are you an avid exerciser? Do you avoid exercising when you are on your period? We all have different ways of exercising and taking care of ourselves on our periods, but did you know that you can actually change up your workouts depending on your time of the month? You don’t have to avoid exercising during PMS or your period. It can actually help you! Here are some tips for each part of your menstrual cycle:

Week 1: Your Period

You might want to curl up in a ball and avoid moving at all costs, but a workout can be very beneficial for you at this time of the month. Exercise can help ease cramps, mood swings, and other unpleasant symptoms. Hard and fast workouts may actually feel easier at this time of the month if you can motivate yourself to start. Just avoid doing any hardcore core training and certain yoga poses like inverted poses.

Week 2: Ovulation

As your body starts to ovulate, your muscles might be more pliable and could lead to injuries. Make sure to warm-up and cool down properly with stretches and if your joints or muscles start to bother you during an exercise, back off.

Weeks 3 and 4: PMS

After you ovulate, you head into the luteal phase. This is when most women start to experience PMS. This might be when your motivation starts to dip and you’d rather snack than exercise, but this is also the time when exercise can really help you! Exercise can ease physical symptoms and increase energy levels. Try scheduling workouts in advance, like a yoga class with a friend. This is the best time for yoga, lots of stretching, walking, and swimming.

If you have already passed menopause:

If you don’t have a cycle anymore, you can still benefit from exercise! Permanent drops in your estrogen levels could weaken your bones, so combining light cardio and lifting weights can help strengthen your muscles and bones.

Do you change up your workouts based on where you are in your menstrual cycle? Or do you do the same workouts all the time? Share with us your thoughts on this!

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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