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Best Bright Lipsticks for Every Skin Tone

Are you obsessed with the latest and brightest lipsticks, but not sure what color will look best on you? Obviously, you can try any color you want, but if you’re wondering what colors look best on your specific skin tone, read on.

If you have fair skin with cool undertones, the brighter the better. If you think you have to stick to lighter tones, you don’t have to! The brightest colors actually pop best on your skin tone.

For fair skin with warm undertones, try a tomato red to help give your skin a glow and accentuate the warm tones in your skin.

If you have medium skin with warm undertones, try a cool-toned red to make the cool color pop against your warm undertones.

Light skin with warm undertones, but currently have a tan, go for hot pink.

If you have deep skin with warm undertones, go for a warm orange tone. The deeper your skin tone is, the brighter your lipstick color will appear.

If you have medium skin with olive undertones, try purple. It can be a scary color to try, but purple looks amazing on your skin tone! The lavender tones balance the green undertones in your skin.

What bright lipstick colors do you love? What is your skin tone? Share with us your favorite colors and pictures!

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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