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Best Products for Curly Hair

Does your curly hair need a makeover? Or some TLC? Here are some different types of products to consider if you need assistance in achieving healthy defined curls:

  • Moisture is a must for curly hair. Curly hair tends to be on the dry side. Starting with a moisturizing conditioner is key. The degree of moisture depends on your hair’s texture. Curly hair that is fine will benefit from a lighter weight moisture. This will ensure that the strands are not weighed down. The ultimate goal is for hair to be healthy and bouncy. Course curly hair, on the other hand, should be intensely moisturized to penetrate the hair shaft and tame the hair. Another gem for curly hair is oil. Most types of oil made for hair is a must pre-style product to moisturize your curls and get them ready to style.
  • Mousse is generally used to achieve a lightweight hold. This is more beneficial for extremely curly, defined hair. It can be much more effective with fine hair than it is with course hair. A lot of women with tight ringlet curls can easily achieve soft, as well as, more voluminous hair with mousse. It can be applied to wet, damp, or dry hair. Women who like to wear their hair a couple of different ways per day can benefit from using mousse because it is reusable when wetting the hair down a second time. The hair can be styled both straight and curly in the same day, without adding more product. How thrifty is that?
  • Gel is better suited for thick or course hair. Gel not only helps diminish the look of frizz, but also helps you to better manipulate the type of curl you want to achieve. Women with frizzy and unruly hair can use gel to obtain a smooth, defined curl. Gel is also good for ladies with wavy locks that want a curlier look. If you want even more control, try mixing gel and mousse together. Be careful not to use too much though or your hair can become greasy.

Do you have curly hair? Which is your favorite product to use to get healthy and beautiful curls? Share with us below!

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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