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Best Ways to Add Glitter to Your Everyday Look

You might think that glitter makeup is supposed to stay in your memories as a kid and a teen. However, there are subtle ways to add glitter to your everyday, adult look and look appropriate and beautiful! Try some of these fun, but subtle, glitter makeup looks to feel like a unicorn but still be able to show up to work without getting laughed at.

Get glistening lips. Avoid super shimmery or full-on glitter lip gloss, but instead, go for lipsticks that have a slight shimmer in them. Most of these just shimmer in the light and look mostly shiny. Neutral or light shades work best.

Try a sparkly eyeliner for a slight pop of glitter. Try a metallic eyeliner shade and line your eyes. You can even try a black eyeliner that has some glitter in it for a more dramatic lined look.

Use a glittery highlighter to make your cheekbones shine. A highlighter is definitely your friend when you contour or just want to make your cheekbones pop. Use one that is slightly more shimmery but a neutral color to feel like a shimmering goddess but still look professional. Try highlighting other areas of your face like your cupids bow, eyebrow area, on your nose and inner eye.

Go big with glitter eyeshadow. If you want more of a pop of glitter or a look for going out on the town, try a glitter eyeshadow. If you are going to work, opt for a more neutral shade. If you’re going out, go for any bold, glittery color. Try a smoky eye and add some glitter to make your eyes really pop.

Look fabulous with glitter nails. You can opt for subtle metallic shades or go all out with a coat of chunky glitter for a fun look.

If you’re going out on the town and ready to embrace glitter, dust some shimmering powder along your collarbone and your chest area.

Do you ever use glitter makeup products? Which products are your favorite to use? What color or types of glitter are your favorite? Share with us below!

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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