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Easy Exercises Using Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are great for strength training exercises to keep you strong and toned. They come in a variety of sizes, lengths, and strength of resistance. They are light and portable, so they are great to take with you anywhere, instead of lugging heavy dumbbells. They are also great for rehabilitation if you are strengthening your body after an injury. Some of them come with handles and some don’t. Test a few different sizes and types to find which ones will work best for you, depending on what your exercise goals are.

Here are some of the best exercises to try using resistance bands. Aim for 8 to 25 reps for 2 to 3 sets per exercise, depending on your current exercise level.

Amp up your squats using resistance bands. Stand on the resistance band with your feet apart slightly wider than shoulder width. Use a resistance band with handles for this exercise. Hold a handle in each hand and bring the top over each shoulder. Squat straight down and keep your chest up and your core tight and then rise back up. That is one squat.

Try a leg curl with a resistance band. Lay down on your stomach and loop the band around your right ankle and loop the other end to a door or some kind of support to create tension. Tighten your core and bend your right leg at the knee and go as far as you can comfortably go. Then slowly return and do 10-15 reps and then switch sides to get a complete let workout.

Give your glutes a workout by adding a resistance band to a glute bridge. Put a resistance band around your legs right above your knees and lay down on your back with your knees bent. Lift up your hips and contract your glutes to feel the burn.

Make a classic push-up harder with resistance bands. Get into a plank position and then put the resistance band across your upper back and loops the ends of the band through your thumbs and start in a classic push-up position. Do 5 to 20 reps and test your strength.

Ask your doctor if you are unsure if you should use resistance bands or ask a physical therapist which moves will be best for you if you’ve recently had an injury.

Do you ever use resistance bands in your workouts? Which types of bands or exercises are your favorite? Share with us below!

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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